(To win: 71.00; To win group: 2.50; To qualify: 1.45; Rock Bottom: 7.80)
Colombia are a very interesting team in this edition. They are heading to the tournament after a Quarter-Final result achieved in the last one in 2014, where they impressed before going out with Brazil (2-1), and a 3rd place in the Copa America played in 2016. They qualified from the CONMEBOL group in the 4th place after Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, with 27 points in 18 games (7-6-5), 21 goals scored and 19 conceded. In the friendlies, after losing against South Korea (2-1), they managed to record wins against China (4-0) and France (3-2), before two consecutive draws against Australia (0-0) and Egypt (0-0). They certainly have the quality to progress as 1st from this very open group (Poland, Senegal, Japan), and face England or Belgium in the Last16. If they go through they might face Germany in the Quarter-Finals. If they progress as 2nd, and manage to beat either Belgium or England they will go on against Brazil in the Quarter-Finals. BEST BET: To win group @ 2.50. MOST PROBABLE STAGE OF ELIMINATION: Last 16: 2.40; Quarter-Finals: 4.50



(To win: 75.00; To win group: 2.88; To qualify: 1.57; Rock Bottom: 7.00)
Poland are back to the World Cup after failing to qualify in the last two editions (2010, 2014), while they didn’t pass the group stages in the last two appearances in 2002 and 2006. They qualified as 1st from Group E above Denmark and Montenegro, with 25 points in 10 games (8-1-1), 28 goals scored and 14 conceded. They are the team that conceded more goals in the qualifications from Europe, which could be a concern for their chances to advance in this tournament. In the friendlies they lost two games against Mexico (1-0) and Nigeria (1-0), they drew against Uruguay (0-0) and won against South Korea (3-2) but not without showing problem at the back. They are in an open group where everything can happen, and they can count on the goals of Lewandoski, who was the top scorer in the quali with 14 goals out of the 28 they scored (50%), but considering their poor historical record and their form they should be backed carefully. If they finish 3rd it shouldn’t be a huge shock in the end. BEST BET: Eliminated in the group stage @ 2.33 MOST PROBABLE STAGE OF ELIMINATION: Group Stage: 2.33; Last 16: 2.63



(To win: 251.00; To win group: 6.50; To qualify: 2.50; Rock Bottom: 3.20)
Senegal tend to do well when they qualify to the World Cup. The last and only cup they have played was in 2002, when they managed to beat the former champions France, qualify from the group as 2nd (eliminating Uruguay and France), go through the Last 16, thanks to a win against Sweden in Extra time before being stopped by Turkey in the Quarter-finals. While that team was full of young talents ready to be discovered in Europe, this one has more experienced players already playing in top leagues. Mané (26) and Koulibaly (26) are the best players and leaders of this team and a perfect example of how Senegalese football have grown since the last World Cup played. They qualified unbeaten from Group D (Burkina, Cape Verde, South Africa) with 14 points out of 6 games (4-2-0), 10 goals scored and 3 conceded. If we exclude their loss on penalties against Cameroon and the last friendly played against Croatia, this team is unbeaten in the last 23 games played, with three draws in the last three friendlies against Uzbekistan (1-1), Bosnia (0-0) and Luxembourg (0-0), not the greatest national teams around. The biggest problem with them and other African teams is that they usually don’t play a lot of games against top opponents before tournaments, and it might be difficult to judge. They surely have the quality to go through as 1st or 2nd from this group, but they might lack the solidity to beat bigger teams (England or Belgium). BEST BET: Eliminated in the Last 16 @ 3.40. MOST PROBABLE STAGE OF ELIMINATION: Last 16: 3.40; Group Stage: 1.60



(To win: 500.00; To win group: 9.00; To qualify: 3.00; Rock Bottom: 2.50)
Japan have qualified for the 6th consecutive World Cup, after reaching the Last 16 two times in the last five appearances. They qualified as 1st from Group B above Saudi Arabia and Australia, with 20 points out of 10 games (6-2-2), 17 goals scored and 7 conceded. In the friendlies they lost three out of four of them against Brazil (3-1), Belgium (1-0), South Korea (4-1), with a draw against Mali (1-1) in March. Not the most impressive display before the tournament, although this is a very open group where we might see surprise every game week and Japan might be in the mix for the 3rd place. BEST BET: Rock bottom @ 2.50 MOST PROBABLE STAGE OF ELIMINATION: Group Stage: 1.41

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