How to avoid problems with Bookmakers

Winning in sports betting is already very difficult without having to deal with account problems, so you want to avoid in the first place issues with bookmakers regarding frauds, suspensions, multiple accounts, verification process, funds confiscation.
These are usually issues that the inexperienced or average bettor won’t think about when opening an account, but they should be always in mind of everyone betting.
There are several types of bookmakers out there and just a few of them worth keeping your money with. When you deposit money into an account you should always think as you are giving away your money to a bank, so you should always double check how reliable is that bank before having problems.
Even at reliable bookmakers these types of issues can arise, regarding suspensions, or ID verification, so you always want to be informed and prepared before committing your money with them.

1) Research the Bookmaker before opening an account

Opening an account without checking how reliable is the bookmaker is a mistake most of the bettors do, especially when choosing bookies only based on their luring high odds.
You should always research every bookmaker you want to open an account with. There are several websites dedicated to reviewing bookmakers or rating them, like Sportsbookreview, Bookmakersreview or Top100bookmakers.
Read everything about the bookie you are interested in.
If the bookmaker is not a new one (which I do not recommend opening an account with) there should be plenty of reviews, analysis, comments on the forums available online.
You don’t wanna deposit and bet on a bookmaker that you discover being a scam website, or known for confiscating money without a reason or just very unreliable.
These websites and forums can give you a great hand dealing with choosing the right bookmakers for you and they also give you overall information about bookies like currencies accepted, country restrictions, promotions and method of deposits.
These websites should also always be checked regularly, because reputations of bookies can change during time and you need to always know.
If you are inexperienced and you are opening your first account you should always choose a big and renowned bookie. Do not choose them based only the odds they are offering, because you can pay the price later.

2) Do not use a public VPN

Bookmakers keep track of the IP numbers when you login or bet on their websites, so if they find some other player using the same IP they might think you have multiple accounts, and they will close down your account.
To avoid this you should never use an open VPN when logging in to your account. If betting on a certain site is prohibited from the country where you are, just try to change the DNS, and if this doesn’t work you can try buy a personal VPN, but you should always check the terms and conditions to see if the bookmaker allow players to login using a VPN.
Sometimes connecting from a modem shared with other people could also cause problems, because they could use the same website as you and your account will be flagged (examples: roommates, family members, etc.)

3) Keep a copy of your ID and proof of address

Account verification is the norm nowadays for all the bookies online, and most of the time they will ask to send them this documents when you ask your first withdrawal, or if they think that there are suspicious activities surrounding your account.
In both cases you should always be prepared with the most updated documents possible.
Bookmakers require you to verify your account sending documents like your national ID or passport and a proof of address like bank statements or utility bills of the last 3-6 months.
You should always keep them updated so you will have no problems finding the right documents when they will request them. It is also better to store them in a safe location like an external hard drive, so you will reduce the risk of people having access to them from your PC.
Always read carefully the verification requirements before opening an account with a bookmaker, so you won’t find any surprise when you need to verify it.

4) Do not try to cheat bookies

Bookmakers are very smart at monitoring players activity and they are always very suspicious about everything.
Some players will try to open multiple accounts with the name of their fiancee, mum or sister, so they can qualify for a double bonus.
The first thing to remember here is that this is a very dangerous activity and bookies monitor female accounts even more than the others. Some other players will try to open an account even if their country is ineligible for the bookmaker, faking their address. Bookies are constantly monitoring account activities, and matching IP addresses, names, bets and even social media, and they will ask you to send them required documents if they find a suspicious activity.
Even if you want to make the same bets using accounts of other friends or relative, the bookies use software to match bets between different players and they will limit your bets or suspend your accounts.

5) Keep track of your history with every bookies

Sometimes when problems arise between bookmakers and players, the standard verification done through documents is not enough for the bookies to be sure that you are the one and only person using the account. In these cases bookies arrange a phone call with you that is just supposed to verify your phone number, but in reality It’s done to double check information about yourself and the history of your account.
Usually after asking you about personal information, a member of the support team will ask you questions like “when did you open your account?”, “what kinds of bets have you done with us?”, “which sports or events?”, “the method of payment used to finance your account?” and so on.
In these cases you always need to have these information saved on a file, because most of the times if they arrange a call with you It means that your account has already been closed or suspended, and you are not able to access it anymore to check them.
Keeping track of your history with a bookmaker is always useful in case of a controversy and sometimes It’s even better to print or save the bets you have placed with them with the relative IDs.

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