The 5 Best Football Betting Apps (LiveScore, Stats, News, Odds, Tips) – UPDATED 2021

As we use more and more our smartphone (and tablets) to check results, stats or to even place bets, mobile apps are becoming more and more important for our betting strategy.

These are my TOP 5:

  • OneFootball (FREE)
  • 365Scores (FREE; £9.99 Remove ads)
  • WhoScored (FREE)
  • All Goals (FREE)

1) OneFootball (FREE)

After trying all the major LiveScore apps for the last 2 years there is no doubt OneFootball is the most impressing I tried. Unlike others there are no annoying ads to navigate through while checking the results. The ads are very minimal and there is an option to remove them for just $0.99 a month. The app is also very fast to open and very light so not minimal loading time.

As with others you can select your favorite leagues teams to follow and they have a very good news section as well worth checking out. Interesting is also the Live Tracker they offer where they offer a live comment of the game as well as game facts before each game.

All in all the best LiveScore app I found and easiest to use.

2) 365Scores (FREE; £9.99 Remove ads)

This is still a favorite app for checking live results, tables and fixtures.

It has a nice and simple graphic, It’s very intuitive and doesn’t crash very often although sometimes their ads slow down too much the experience and makes you reload it. There is an option to remove them completely that comes at $9.99.

I use this app mainly to check the Live scores of the leagues I selected as favorites (you can select as many as you like, and they have also small countries championships and cups), but there are also other interesting things.

The News section is full of the most important news from newspaper websites and football related websites, and you can find both match and league Statistics and Tables.


  • Livescore
  • News
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3) WhoScored (FREE)

Like their website the app is full of fantastic information, like livescore, stats, previews and more.

Once you install the app you can get updates/notifications for goals and final results.

Very interesting is their Daily Match Facts section where you can find interesting facts or trends about a specific team that might lead you to bet on a certain team in a specific market (example: Team A have won their last 11 home games, etc.)

Although Scores365 feels more clear in terms of checking scores as you just need to scroll up or down to check previous results, WhoScored app loads faster and has way less ads than the former.


  • Livescores
  • Stats
  • Previews

4) All Goals (FREE)

I’ve recently found this app and it’s quickly becoming my new favorite. There two great things about it: it loads super fast, and it has no annoying ads like in 365Scores that you need to pay for to remove.

This is also one of the most complete I’ve seen around with over 400 leagues covered worldwide. The team pages are impressive with squad stats like minutes played, goals and assists, plus a full page of team stats, as well as all the results of the season. All the players too have a profile page with most important stats over the years in different clubs they played for. This is impressive considering not all the apps around give those info and doing it in a very fast app with little or no ads is even more impressive.

The app has also pre-match and livematch odds for each and every game with most important bookmakers featured and you can quickly customize the app selecting your favorite leagues, teams and even players to follow. Very interesting is that you can even choose the order of how your favorite leagues will appear in the app. Top Football app all around.


  • Livescore
  • Stats


Like with their website OLBG is one of the best place around to check tips from top tipsters on the most important games and markets.

In the app you can quickly find out the most popular tips of the day, follow your favorite tipsters and receive a notification everytime they tip. One of the best thing about OLBG is the incredible community built around it and the fact that the tips comes with a detailed comment on why the tipsters have made that particular selection. Eeven if you don’t wanna follow the tip, before placing a bet it’s nice and helpful to check what top tipsters are saying about your selection on OLBG.


  • Tips

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